Greening Young Minds

Greening Young minds environmental Programme

In 2007 during the inception of YEP Clan, hikes were the initial tool that the organisation used to empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Being a first time experience for many of the guys that went on the hikes with YEP, the passion grew and the need to learn more about nature was fundamental if we were to make the hikes with while for the young hikers.

After seeing such enthusiasm and curiosity about nature and how, why nature was essential for mans existence on earth amongst the guys, an environmental programme was developed. The “Greening Young Minds Environmental Programme” was developed and contained an incorporation of leadership exercises using experiential learning methodologies along side hiking and learning more about nature conservation and issues relating to global warming. The programme is conventional in such a way that if one was to elaborate more on about it in short; one would say that it’s a leadership course on about nature conservation conducted in an environment setting where there is peace and tranquillity, less noise and more focus.

The programme is a four day session ran over a four week period. It focuses on different themes that relate to ways of how one can take the step towards creating a sustainable ecosystem through both being aware of changes that are harmful and beneficial to humans and creatures on earth. Leadership kicks into the programme through the encouragement of participants to spread out awareness in their communities about the responsibility one has towards taking care of nature as it takes care of mankind.