Cycling Pragramme

Cycling Programme

YEP Clan has come a long way in search for ways that could bring opportunities to empower young people from disadvantaged communities on the Cape flats. In 2008 we took upon establishing a development cycling club in Mandela Park in Khayelitsha. The objective behind the inception of this project was that cycling posed a greater opportunity for young people, as it is not confined to only one door of opportunities, but opening doors of opportunities to travel and meeting new people when ever they peddle on their cycling bikes.

The intended impact that we were anticipating with this project was that young people would have something positive to do on a day to day basis after school hours, taking them away from street corners and ill elements that create liabilities of them.

So far greater achievements to date are that the JDi/Teach to fish group has managed to raise funds to get 17 more old modeled bikes of which 15 of our cyclers finished the most hardest Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay cycle tour in 2009 ever recorded in history. The YEP cycling team managed to finish the race in good times. Barloworld also came in and assisted in donating cycling kit which surely was a cherry on top on our fortunes as a newly formed cycling club.

YEP Clan is continuously looking for ways and assistance in growing the vision of making young people realise their potential by getting cycling to as many disadvantaged communities and the youth in particular out there on the outskirts of the Cape flats.